Good questions, helpful answers: The ORBIS FAQ.

How much will you charge for my translation?

The cost of a translation is computed on the basis of several different parameters: What type of text is it? How long is the text? What is the target language? When do you need the translation? Does the translation have to be certified? This makes it difficult to set a lump sum price in advance. The best way to find out is to send us the document to be translated via e-mail and we will send you a quote right away.

What are the target languages you offer translations for?

We translate into any language from any language. Our translators always translate all copy into their respective native languages. This means that they will also take into account local sayings, special terms or cultural peculiarities. To ensure that errors do not slip through the cracks, a second translator proofreads all finished translations.

Do you handle expert translations?

We have a vast network of translators at our disposal – more than 370 professionals. They are experts in a wide variety of disciplines, such as law, medicine or business and they speak even the most extraordinary languages. Professional letters of recommendation, school certificates, official memorandums, certified translations, letters to friends made while on vacation – no matter what you need, just reach out and we will make (almost) everything possible.

How long does it take to complete my translation?

The completion date of your translation depends largely on its size. Of course a single page letter will be done sooner than a contract comprising 30 pages. However, whatever the assignment, we will return it to you as quickly as possible and we’ll expedite our services if you are in a rush. We are at your service around the clock and will even work nightshifts to make sure you receive your translation by your tight deadline.

What are ORBIS’ business hours?

Our office hours for personal appointments are from Monday to Friday, 8 am through 5 pm.
Beyond these hours, you can reach us around the clock via phone, our Inquiry Form or our Express-Service.

Why would I need a certified translation?

Whenever documents for submission to a government agency or authority are translated, a certification is usually required. It confirms that the translation is correct. One prerequisite for the issuance of certified translation is to have a translator do the work who is authorized to issue certified translations in the respective country. Virtually every country has different requirements. We will advise you with regard to the certification of your translations and compile certified translations.

In which cases is an apostille required?

An apostille is placed on a document, for instance by a district court, to confirm the competency of the translator. It is required primarily for translations of notary public or legal documents, such as by-laws, articles of incorporation, trade register excerpts, notarized contracts and the like. Upon request, we will also handle the legalization of translations through placement of an apostille and we also handle this genre of translations.



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