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Are you looking for a translation agency to handle your expert business translations? Is perfect quality an absolutely indispensable requirement?

Do you prefer to communicate directly with a traditional translation agency over using an anonymous online platform?

Actually, you can have both with Orbis – a translation agency that has a proven track record on the market that spans more than 20 years.

Hence, if you prefer, use our services just like you would on an online platform. Upload the documents to be translated at your convenience, choose the target language and we will submit a cost effective translation quotation to you shortly thereafter.

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However, you can also call us to discuss the specifics of your assignment. Many details are easier to resolve through person-to-person conversations.

We are your personalized translation agency if you want the highest possible quality results

We process your expert translation through our international pool of linguists, which comprises more than 370 translators. We know all of them personally and maintain excellent affiliations with all of them.

This is the only way to ensure that we are able to keep loyal top translators on board, who will deliver high end translations for you and all of our customers.

We will bring on board other international specialists in cases involving rare language combinations or very specific expertise.

The most typical language combinations of our business clientele include

Principally, we assign jobs only to native speakers who live in the target language country. Being able to translate all types of documents into copy that sounds good in the native language hinges on this approach. Our uncompromising double-checking principle (a proofreader reviews every document) ensures consistent quality.

Business translations that drive your success

We have loyal customers who have been using our services for years. These are manufacturing companies, service industry enterprises, government and private institutions, individuals applying for international positions, etc. Their fields of expertise comprise technology, law, business administration, medicine, science, advertising, marketing and many others.
If you are looking for professional grade translations, we are your optimum partner and will be able to accommodate every business need.
Test our capabilities and find out first-hand what the very unique qualities of our professional translation agency are.



Providing personal advice is part of rendering outstanding services to our clients. Please let us know about your translation needs and we will find an optimum solution for you.

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