International sound recordings (voice-overs) Recording service – voice recordings: Get your translations heard all over the world

Do you want to have your product or company presentation recorded in various languages? Do you need a speaker for an advertising spot? Or do you want to record an audio book? Do you need audio files of e-learning sessions or a voice recording for your learning module? And do you need your order executed quickly, reliably and professionally?

Our voice-over service meets your needs!

In cooperation with one of our partners, we offer voice-overs in all languages from Albanian to Zulu. When recording a voice-over, your written text is read aloud, your text file converted into an audio file. This is an option for product presentations, e-learning sessions, learning modules, audio books, advertising spots or any other text – in fact, everything in writing that you want recorded. Voice artists record your texts in various voices. Do you want a gentle woman’s voice for your voice-over, a deep man’s voice or a funny comic voice? Decide what speakers you need – we’ll find them for you!

Professionalism right from the start

We start by sending you several demos from various speakers suitable for your voice-over. You decide which voice is the most appealing. If you require a foreign-language voice-over, we naturally use native speakers of the respective language. To make sure your audio presentation is perfect, we also take all the steps necessary to transform the original version of the recording into a perfect audio experience, for example cleaning, cutting, mixing… Our voice-over specialists work quickly, professionally and reliably.

How long does it take, and what does it cost?

The amount of work and time needed depend on many factors. These include the file length and format, delivery deadline and capacities available at short notice. The language and any requirements for special accents or dialects also make a difference. We will gladly give you a quotation for your project to make sure you are on the safe side.

Do you need a fast, correct voice-over? Let’s talk about it!

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